Digital Strategy Definition

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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the key platform that defines every aspect of online presence. It is based on research of the company’s offering and analysis of competitive landscape and available channels of communication. Strategy is used to define company’s vision for digital efforts, extract business objectives and inform online initiatives.

Digital Strategy Services





Well crafted digital strategy should be technology agnostic. Just like marketing strategy in general it should be focused on identifying opportunities and challenges where online assets and engagement platform can provide a valuable solution.

How do we create a digital strategy for your business? 

Step 1: We do a comprehensive analysis of your company, business model, overall marketing strategy and your existing digital initiatives.

Step 2: With your help we define short and long term goals and uncover tactics necessary to achieve them. At this time we start compiling a list of performance indicators that would help us gauge the success of our efforts.

Step 3: Next step is determining opportunities and challenges where digital assets can provide a better solution. This usually starts by assessing your customers unmet needs and processes that need improvement. 

Step 4: Integration of digital programs is crucial for the success of your transition. We make sure that your digital strategy takes into account the best ways to do this in every category – data management, CRM, public relations, social marketing, corporate communication and the list goes on.

Step 5: Implementation – we provide vendor and resources for implementation of all digital efforts. By providing our dedicated project management and strategic oversight we make sure the clint has the best experience possible from the first meeting to project completion.

Step 6: Ongoing analytics and improvement – from monthly social media reports to quarterly search engine optimization reviews at Bold and Loud we make sure that you know exactly what is the return on investment for you digital efforts. This helps us improve your digital strategy and evolve your online presence with the ever changing times.

Please feel free to drop us a note and tell us how can we help your business grow. 

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